Policies for players and parents

Important Policies and Procedures for Players and Parents

We are truly happy to have you and your family as a part of this program. The support and involvement of players and parents are what make great programs. Of course being a part of this program requires a great commitment from everyone involved. The following paragraphs will outline some expectations for players and parents and explain important policies that pertain to your role in the program.

Time Commitment

No matter what the activity, family comes first. When a player has family commitments, we want and expect the player to make the family their first priority. That being said, it is our hope that when planning family vacations or excursions that you will also consider the impact the player’s absence will have on our basketball family. When a player in our program is absent, it almost always impacts their teammates in a negative way. Whether it means a less productive practice or a loss in a game, please keep in mind that there are always several other players and coaches counting on you. At the varsity level there are times when an entire school and community are counting on you. Again, we recognize that family emergencies do come up and no player will be faulted for absences related to such a situation. All we ask is that you recognize and respect that there are others counting on you when you commit to being a part of a team and that your presence at practice and games is of great importance to your teammates and the program.


We want our players to excel in everything they do. This includes performing at a high level in the classroom. We will not ask for special privileges or exceptions. We will be leaders in the classroom. Get assignments ahead of time and turn in assignments on time or ahead of schedule.

All players are subject to our district “F” policy. Basically if a player has an F they will not play in a game until it is made up. Players that are deficient in their classes may be suspended from playing in games at the coach’s discretion. If parents ask the coaches to keep players that are failing academically out of games, we will comply with the parent’s wishes. The top priority for players is to get a good education. Basketball can be a part of that learning process, but only when the traditional academic areas are adequately addressed.

On and off court behavior

Our players will take their position as role models very seriously. Rocky basketball players will be expected to conduct themselves in a class manner on and off the court. No taunting or inappropriate gestures will be allowed on the floor.

Off the court, we expect that our players will be leaders and that they will NEVER use drugs, alcohol, or tobacco. Players that are unwilling to sacrifice such things are demonstrating a selfish attitude and a lack of commitment to their teammates. They are also directly violating the trust and admiration that is given them by the young people in our community. Such abuses will be dealt with harshly. The school’s policy will be followed and enforced. Upon completion of the suspension we will not promise to treat the player as though nothing happened. When trust has been violated and a team has been betrayed it is extremely difficult to heal those wounds.

In short, do not do anything to embarrass yourself, your family, this program, or this school, or your actions will result in severe repercussions for an extended period of time.

Emphasis on winning and playing time policy

At every level in the program below the varsity level, the primary emphasis will be on player development. However, as players climb up the competitive ladder there will be an increased emphasis on winning. Upon reaching the varsity level, winning will absolutely be a primary goal. While we recognize winning is not the most important aspect of athletics, it certainly enhances the experience for all involved so we will pursue winning in a vigorous manner.

When it comes to choosing teams we will base our decisions on what is best for each team. First each player will play at a level that will benefit the program the most. Second they will play at a level that will allow them to develop to their fullest potential as a player. When it comes to playing time there are no guarantees. Because you are a senior or because you are on varsity does not guarantee that you will play. We will play the players that give us the best chance to win, period. As coaches we are charged with the task of doing what is best for the team. Sometimes what is best for the team is not what is best for an individual player. Every player and every parent has the right to an explanation if they are not comfortable with their role on the team. They may not like the explanation or the situation but again, it is our job to do what is best for the group at large, not what is best for an individual. The chain of command on how to communicate concerns is first meet with the immediate coach, second meet with the varsity coach, and last meet with the athletic director.

As coaches we encourage players to discuss concerns and questions with us. When a player is unclear of their role or of where they stand it can lead to a great deal of turmoil and stress. All conversations relating to a player’s role or playing time must be had in private. If a player is unclear on their role the coach will explain it to them. If a player is not satisfied with their role they should ask the coach what they can work on to improve their position on the team.

Teams where everyone understands and accepts their role usually turn out to be special teams. Unfortunately those teams are usually rare. We will do our best to accommodate every player on our team, but we will never accommodate one player at the expense of the team.

Elastic Clause

Recognize that the above list of policies and procedures is not comprehensive. As coaches, we reserve the right to add or adapt policies as we deem necessary. All district and administrative policies and decisions supersede the policies listed above.

Now that we have dispensed with the policy and formality, let me again thank you for being part of the Rocky Mountain boy’s basketball family. We look forward to an exciting, productive, and rewarding season.



The Rocky Mountain High School Basketball program is a self-sufficient entity. That means the program does not get any money from the school itself. All the needs of the team (equipment, basketbballs, transportation, referees, etc.) are paid through their fundraising efforts and generous donations to the basketball program. Thus, the need for fundraising and sponsorship exists. The basketball program appreciates any contribution you are able and willing to give, and those contributions will be recognized on our Sponsorship page. Please take a moment to recognize the needs of the basketball program, and consider becoming a sponsor! Thank you.

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