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Welcome to Rocky Mountain High School, Home of the Grizzlies! Please take a few moments to read through this letter as it pertains primarily to incoming Freshman and their parents/guardian.

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Here at Rocky Mountain we believe that active student participation in athletics is vital to the development of a well-rounded individual, and we encourage participation in the many athletic and extra-curricular activities our school has to offer.

The boys basketball program holds high expectations in both academic achievement and social behavior for a student-athlete who has earned the privilege of representing Rocky Mountain High School, the student-body, their team, their coach and the community.

The following information is designed to help the incoming Freshman and their parents/guardian to understand the competitive process, expectations and philosophy in which the program is conducted. **

  1. Criteria for the selection of teams are established by the head coach. Team selection, practices and decisions regarding game situations are the responsibility of the coaching staff.
  2. Unlike Middle School level basketball, the high school level is very competitive. Due to the large number of athletes trying out and limited space, we cannot place every child on a team who wishes to participate. This is a reality at this level. The hardest part of our job to tell an athlete that they will not be on a team. However, it is required in order to maintain a high level of competition.
  3. Please be sure that you as a parent, and your child understands there is a very real possibility he will not be selected.
  4. If selected for a team, also be prepared to accept placement at one of the three levels of competition - Sophomore, Junior Varsity, and Varsity. It is very disturbing and unnecessary to have a player make a team and then quit because he and the parents were not placed where they believe they should have been. By doing this they have taken away someone else's opportunity to be on that team.
  5. Once your son has been selected for a team it is very important for them and parents to understand that this is a time consuming and involved sport. It will take a large time commitment by both of you and your family over the course of a season. Our season runs from mid-November, through Christmas and ends in February. I remind you that all teams will have practices and games scheduled during school holidays, district days-off, and on Saturdays. Players are expected to be at every practice and every game. There are consequences that can call for reduced playing time and/or suspension.
  6. The selection criteria is not solely based on a set "try-out". We believe that a potential players try-out begins the first time we see them play and evaluation is ongoing. Therefore, it is logical to believe that the more we see a player compete, the more information we have on that player to make an informed selection. That is why the summer and off-season workouts are imperative.
  7. In addition, academic achievement is a high priority. The players 8th grade school year academic grade determines initial eligibility during their Freshman season.
  8. Lastly, the main goal of competitive high school athletics is to put the most cohesive and talented team in a competition to win the game. Starting positions and playing time are not guaranteed to anyone. There are no promises made, nor should any be implied. Each member of the team is critical to the overall success of the team and program. Parents and players need to be realistic about each player's talent level. We understand the love parents have for their athlete and wants the best for them, but being unrealistic does not serve the athlete and could lead to negative, biased opinions and an atmosphere that is counterproductive to what we are trying to accomplish.

** The aforementioned items are general information. Once a player is selected for a team during the regular season, he will receive a player packet of policies and procedures.


The Rocky Mountain High School Basketball program is a self-sufficient entity. That means the program does not get any money from the school itself. All the needs of the team (equipment, basketbballs, transportation, referees, etc.) are paid through their fundraising efforts and generous donations to the basketball program. Thus, the need for fundraising and sponsorship exists. The basketball program appreciates any contribution you are able and willing to give, and those contributions will be recognized on our Sponsorship page. Please take a moment to recognize the needs of the basketball program, and consider becoming a sponsor! Thank you.

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