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Thank you for your continued support of Rocky Mountain Boys Basketball


"It's amazing what can be accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit."

        ~ Coach John Wooden


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Great Beginning...


I just wanted to add a quick thank you for all you're hard work and awesome donations this year. The dinner/auction was a huge success. It's very impressive to see the positive support that you are providing our program. All fundraisers are now complete until Spring and hopefully you can all sit back and enjoy some good basketball.

Thank you,

Dane Roy


The Rocky Mountain High School Basketball program is a self-sufficient entity. That means the program does not get any money from the school itself. All the needs of the team (equipment, basketbballs, transportation, referees, etc.) are paid through their fundraising efforts and generous donations to the basketball program. Thus, the need for fundraising and sponsorship exists. The basketball program appreciates any contribution you are able and willing to give, and those contributions will be recognized on our Sponsorship page. Please take a moment to recognize the needs of the basketball program, and consider becoming a sponsor! Thank you.

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